An essay on the promotion of biodiversity

There is no indication of a significant reduction in the rate of decline in biodiversity, nor of a significant reduction in pressures upon it. We made progress so far as our relationship with nature was on a sustainable level.

Celebrate more than the basic American holidays in your office -- celebrate the Chinese new year, for example, or set up a fun event to celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of colors. Wildlife breeding zones, migration routes, and browsing and hunting domains are paved, inundated with water, grazed, or ploughed.

As both populations and economies grow, and human settlements sprawl, undisturbed natural areas are bound to shrink. Throughout the region, as aspects of corporate globalization spread, there is growing conflict between land and resources of the indigenous communities, and those required to meet globalization related needs.

These estimates of species at risk understate the true problem, for they deal only with known and higher life forms. Loss of such a multitude of species would constitute an irreversible alteration in the nature of the biosphere even before we understand its workings-an evolutionary Rubicon whose crossing Homo sapiens would do well to avoid.

In his book The Sinking Ark, Norman Myers surmises on the basis of extrapolation that, right now, at least one species might be disappearing each day in tropical forests alone, Even outside the tropics, many small, obscure organisms such as worms, mites, beetles, and herbs may be disappearing without our knowledge.

Biological extinction which led to the disappearance of one species in several hundred years has now been replaced by an accelerated rate of extinction-one species every year. Adverse terms of trade, protectionist policies of the North, dumping of environmentally-destructive technologies and materials in the South, and a host of other factors continue to cause severe and widespread biodiversity destruction.

As the Global Biodiversity Outlook report summarizes, despite numerous successful conservations measures supporting biodiversity, The biodiversity target has not been met at the global level.

By improving your knowledge, you are better equipped to combat discrimination.

Simple Ideas to Promote Diversity Awareness

Many of the natural resources found on Indian lands have become more valuable in the context of the modern global economy. Accordingly, increased globalization has generally sharpened national conservative opposition to indigenous rights in the Americas and elsewhere in the name of making the world safe for investment.

However, coordination is also needed between the multilateral environmental agreements and the more politically powerful international legal institutions, such as economic and trade agreements, to ensure that they are not acting at cross-purposes.

Make a conscious effort to befriend people who look, speak, act, or worship differently. International agreements are indispensable for addressing ecosystem-related concerns that span national boundaries, but numerous obstacles weaken their current effectiveness.

Several conventions and agreements on conservation and protection of various organisms have been drawn up sincewhen UNESCO held the first Man and Biosphere Convention. During the past few centuries, with the increase in human population, biodiversity has come under tremendous pressure.

Compare those costs to taking precautionary measures such as protecting forests and promoting more sustainable forms of development. Similarly, many avalanches, and mud slides in many regions around the world that have claimed many lives, may have been made worse by the clearing of so many forests, which provide a natural barrier, that can take the brunt of such forces.

You do not have to go overboard when celebrating holidays from other cultures.

Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions

Vast natural habitats have been plundered to meet the ever-growing needs of this minority, aided by laws which legitimise urban-industrial control over resources. Given the inertia in the climate system, actions to facilitate the adaptation of biodiversity and ecosystems to climate change will be necessary to mitigate negative impacts.

Over all, roughly birds and mammals are now thought to be in jeopardy. Diversity training can also teach employees effective intercultural communication skills, as well, helping them to speak clearly with and fully understand co-workers who speak English as a second or third language.

Factors Affecting Biodiversity essay

Not surprisingly, no means exist for quantifying the costs. Overpopulaation also puts pressure on existing ecosystems which become overexploited to fulfil human needs. Summary of available biodiversity indicators.

For example, drying of rivers due to drought may lead to the death of many life forms in the rivers. From the Stone Age to this date, hunters and collectors remain significant threats to many mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes.

Promotion & Awareness of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Learn about issues and concerns of other people. Steps are now being taken to increase coordination among these treaties, and this could help broaden the focus of the array of instruments. To fully leverage the benefits of cultural awareness in the workplace, companies must actively promote diversity awareness among all employees.

Your celebration could be as simple as a short explanation of the holiday in your internal company newsletter.beneficial for the promotion of biodiversity. Many of the country’s highly biodiverse areas overlap with the indigenous people’s territories, thus making their lands one.

Cultural Diversity Impact On The Workplace Business Essay. Print Reference this workplace treatment prospects of promotion of employees, irrespective of job related qualification and skills (Stockdale and Crosby, ). If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website.

Essay on “Biodiversity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on “Biodiversity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. depends on biodiversity in the ecosystem. • Therefore, ecosystem services depend on biodiversity in the ecosystem.

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An essay on the promotion of biodiversity
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