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Hackney, the next day for scoring a zero on her last three tests, Nora explains that she dislikes grades because they cause too much competition. He knows the inner workings of schools, he writes for middle schoolers better than almost anyone, and his stories are usually effervescent delights that flow seamlessly along from start to perfect finish: She was said to get perfect grades, and is in band.

Byrne supports Nora, saying that she did think grades were getting too much attention. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

When she sees her best friend feel stupid because he did poorly on the standardized achievement tests, she decides to protest grades by getting low ones. Do you think grading and testing are good ways to assess achievement?

Researching is her favorite hobby. I laughed and was also very thoughtful at times about what he wrote. He is said to get low grades and show little concern. How could teachers and students measure progress if testing was abandoned? She stays home the next day, pretending to be sick, but gives up her ploy when she discovers that Stephen has started a campaign for all students to rebel by scoring zeros on their next tests.

Ann 6 years older and Todd 3 years older. In this tale he questions state testing, the importance that as an American society we put on grades and testing and the special classes for the "smart" or "gifted and talented" kids and how they got in there in the first place-tests!

We did all those things and I look back on my childhood with fond memories. Kids need to have time to be kids. He is 3 years older than Nora. Take the xbox away.

He was said to be a good friend, but forgets about her when some of his other friends come by. He has never said one mean or angry thing. But the attention this draws from her parents and the school leads to her secret being revealed, and her worst fears being realized: But it may get both kids and adults thinking about the subject and, since he has provided no template for real change, wondering for themselves how things could be made different.

Would you have done things differently?

The Report Card

Rather than an unabashed triumph over the system of testing and grades, Nora accomplishes little besides being allowed to have some say in the direction of her life. Perhaps a school-wide testing protest is the answer. May 23, Mara Call rated it really liked it Clements is a great youth storyteller.

But in fifth grade everything changes. She was equally unhappy about the competition for grades. Families can also talk about protest. I confirm that all these things are true, as I see those practices at work on kids and adults in our school system today.

Book Report Cards

To encourage Stephen and prove the CMT scores are meaningless, Nora deliberately gets a bad report card:The book The Report Card was an okay book.

It was an okay book because when I got it I thought it was going to about someone getting bad grades all the time. This book takes place at Nora's school and her house/5.

Writing a Book Report Book reports can take on many different forms. Three types of effective book reports are plot summaries, character analyses, and theme mi-centre.comg a book report helps you practice giving your opinion about different aspects of a book, such as the author's use of description or dialogue.

The Report Card. By Andrew Clements. Grades. R. Genre and she purposely brings home a terrible report card just to prove a point.

Suddenly the attention she's successfully avoided all her life is focused on her, and her secret is out. Paperback Book. Paperback Book; QTY. 1 +-ADD TO CART. IN THE TEACHER STORE. Save to. The Washington State School Report Card provides parents, educators, policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders in Washington.

The Report Card. Review The Report Card.

written by Andrew Clements, this is a book to check out. As he did with FRINDLE and THE SCHOOL STORY, Andrew Clements creates a perfect setting to raise the question of "What if?" and take it beyond simple answers while keeping the story believable.

Kids are heroes, and everyone wins in the. Feb 11,  · Nora uses her genius to protest testing, grades. Read Common Sense Media's The Report Card review, age rating, and parents guide.4/4.

Book report card
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