Essay about your most prized possession

Poems are a kind of reflections. No matter how much money I earn in my life, my relations are my most valuable and important thing in my life.

The purpose of my post was to remind you of the reality, make you aware, and help you to be happy. This is something which would obviously never leave me: I want you to enjoy and value your life and help preserve your identity by leading a mentally and physically active and healthy life.

Losing your mind or memory may cause you to suffer a permanent damage, irreparable loss, or terminal illness leading to disablement. I feel like i lived my life beautifully this much! Your entire identity hangs by the thread of your memory. Lose your memory and you lose your name, fame, achievements, accolades, and relations.

Therefore, it is necessary that you need to be mentally healthy in order to acknowledge the special status of your possessions. It takes me back in the past and makes me marvel at the development of my thoughts and identity.

So it more or less zeros down to things, people, body, and name that people generally consider as the most prized possessions. It takes lots of time to recover from this loss, but eventually you get back to your life.

The computer, though, is my livelihood and my life. I get attached to people and to events, but not to things. Advertisement However, the fact is that your mind and memory are the two prized possessions you have without which you cannot function normally.

Considering these aspects, your real prized possessions may be something else that you probably take for granted. But when you lose your memory, you forget who you are, who your relations are, and what is the value of things that you possess.

What Is Your Most Prized Possession in Life

You may also find people who are possessive about the recognitions they get from the community, their status, and titles that they add to their names. It is in the form of a Celtic knot with strand over strand weaving but when you trace out the strand, it is one single strand, twisting and turning about itself.

What do you think? But what happens if you lose your mind or your memory?What is your most prized possession? Well, it would be something that you may not ever want to lose, or things that make you feel happy, lucky, special, and superior, right? This question may make some of you think of your latest gizmos, mobiles, laptops, cars, jewelry, and so on.

Mostly our prized. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "My Most Prized Possession Is My Family" My Most Prized Possession Is My Family It is often said that family is the most basic as well as important unit of society.

Most Prized Possession (Essay Sample) July 21, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. he or she will have them as their most prized possession.

For you, what is your most prized possession? This essay will discuss what a prized possession is, what are common prized possession, and my.

My Most Prized Possession Essay. that they can have the great equipment that the white children are using. This thought then leaded away many black children from the world of knowledge and mainly meant that they have to take care of there families because of the state of poverty most of them were in.

African Americans in the s were considered to be racially segregated because of all five. Your Sponsored Child’s Most Prized Possession 32 I recently saw a photo essay that characterized as Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions.

My Most Prized Posessions essays Just because something is big, shiny, and expensive doesn't make it valuable. To me, something is valuable only when it holds meaning and is unique to a person.

Another prized possession of mine is my rifle. This isn't an ordinary rifle used to shoot with. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

Essay about your most prized possession
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