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Thirdly, anger and aggression must be controlled. Sympathy has its basis, herd instinct in animals. Educationally, active sympathy is very useful. Essay on the Individual Differences in Sympathy: It is therefore, that a mob when aroused to fury may turn to destruction.

The teacher and the Essay on the poem sympathy should inculcate among children the right type of altruistic conduct. Firstly, example should be set by the teacher. When one bird flies in fright, all others follow the suit, without knowing the source of danger.

Analysis of “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar Essay Sample

Sympathy is the best means of emotional integration. Sympathy is thus feeling as others feel in the absence of logically adequate grounds for feeling in that manner. If every member of the society, has a strong active sympathy towards persons in distress, much of the distress can be removed.

As is explained in the following diagram: As sympathy helps in the appreciation of literature, the teacher should exploit all the situations while teaching, poetry, play, biography, short story, novel or history, so that sympathy is created amongst all equally.

It works so quickly that it may be termed as unconscious tendency. He should himself be sympathetic towards the pupil. But what can we do? What is lacking in the modern society is active sympathy. In human beings, perception of the expressive signs of emotions in others is important to arouse sympathy.

Fellow-feeling and brotherhood are essentials of character development and social development. Indian experts name it. The teacher can do this directly or indirectly.

If we are not moved to help him, our passive sympathy is aroused. It is found in birds and animals. Types of Sympathy 4.

Sympathy Poem

People have become self-centred and egoistic. A teacher who remembers his own school days when he was maltreated by his teacher, sympathises with his own pupils.

A communist teacher may exploit the sympathies of the poor, and thus preach communist ideologies. Everybody who listened at the radio-commentary at the departure of Nehru, was moved to tears.

During the period of sympathetic feeling, a person loses his judgment to some extent. Therefore, all appeals should be made to the group. When a mother sees her son injured, she instantaneously feels hurt. Role of Sympathy in Education 5.

This primitive passive sympathy observed in animals is unwitting. Besides appreciation of literature, aesthetic sensibility also can be taught through sympathy. Sympathy has great educational significance. Every mother whether in animal kingdom or in human beings has this strong tendency to help her kid.

He can win the hearts of the pupils through sympathy. Indirectly, while teaching literature, he may express his feelings and sentiments through gestures and words, so that the pupils catch the same feelings. When a child cries in distress, his other companions at once share his feeling. This will help in strengthening good moral behaviour in them.An essay or paper on Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

The poem "Sympathy", by Paul Laurence Dunbar suggests to the reader a comparison between the lifestyle of the caged bird, and the African American in the nineteenth century. Paul Laurence Dunbar's focus of "Sympathy" is how the African American identifies and relates to the. Throughout this essay I will discuss, describe and interpret Sympathy and We Wear the Mask.

Both Sympathy and We Wear the Mask were written by Paul Laurence Dunbar. To begin with, the poem Sympathy suggests to the reader a comparison between the lifestyle of the caged bird, and the African American. In the poem Sympathy for the devil, the speaker uses many different historical allusions and understatements to gain the readers sympathy for him.

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More about Analysis of a Poem “We wear the mask” Essay?An Interpretation of Paul Laurence Dunbar?s Poem Sympathy and We Wear the Mask?

Essay on Sympathy | Emotion

Words | 5 Pages. In this essay we will learn about sympathy. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Meaning and Definition of Sympathy 2. Essay on Sympathy | Emotion. Article Shared by. If the teacher reads a poem or a piece of literature thus exhibiting the emotions that are aroused, the pupils will also have induction of the same feelings.

Essay on the poem sympathy
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