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They reflect a developmental view of teaching and learning and are clearly related to the contexts in which development is taking place. The integration of the three cuing systems semantic, syntactic and graphophonic is developing Is able to talk about some of the strategies for making meaning Making Meaning at Word Level Has an increasing bank of sight words, including some difficult and subject-specific words, eg science, experiment, February, Christmas Is becoming efficient in the use of the following word identification strategies for constructing meaning: It was researched and developed over five years by the Education Department of Western Australia.

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It was found that indicators tend to cluster together, ie if children exhibit one behaviour, they tend to exhibit several other related behaviours. The indicators are not designed to provide evaluative criteria through which every child is expected to progress in sequential order.

However, given the complexity of each mode of language, a continuum has been provided for reading, writing, spelling and oral language, in order to provide teachers with in-depth information in each one of these areas.

The Continua make explicit some of the indicators, or descriptors of behaviour, that will help teachers identify how children are constructing and communicating meaning through language.

Developmental records show that children seldom progress in a neat and well-sequenced manner; instead they may remain in one phase for some length of time and move rapidly through other phases.

First Steps provides a framework for linking assessment with teaching and learning. The dinosaurs had clothes on.

Each child is a unique individual with different life experiences so that no two developmental pathways are the same.

MyRead is aimed at readers at stages 3, 4 and 5 of the Reading Developmental Continuum shaded in green. It is recognised that language learning is holistic and develops in relation to the context in which it is used.

Key indicators describe behaviours that are typical of a phase.

First Steps Literacy books

Individual children may exhibit a range of indicators from various phases at any one time. The Developmental Continua The continua have been developed to provide teachers with a way of looking at what children can actually do and how they can do it, in order to inform planning for further development.

The concept of a phase was shown to be valid by the Australian Council for Education research in their initial research into the validity of the Writing: The indicators were extracted from research into the development of literacy in English-speaking children.

Sounds-out to decode words Uses initial letters as a cue to decoding Uses knowledge of common letter patterns to decode words, eg th, tion, scious, ough Uses known parts of words to make sense of the whole word Uses blending to decode words, eg str-ing Uses word segmentation and syllabification to make sense of the whole word Attitude Is self-motivated to read for pleasure Reads for a range of purposes Responds sensitively to stories Discusses favourite books May discover a particular genre, eg adventure stories may seek out other titles of this type Shows a marked preference for a specific type of book or author Makes comparisons with other texts read Demonstrates confidence when reading different texts Phase 5: Makes predictions and is able to substantiate them Self-corrects when reading Reads-on when encountering a difficult text Slows down when reading difficult texts Substitutes familiar words Uses knowledge of print conventions, eg capitalisation, full stops, commas, exclamation marks, speech marks Makes meaningful substitutions, ie.

Phases 3, 4 and 5 are described in detail below.The Impact of First Steps on the Reading and Writing Ability of Year 5 Students.

Australian Council for Educational Research, Victoria. This is one of a series of reports that document the formative research that supported the development of the "First Steps" program designed to improve the literacy and numeracy of primary school students in.

First Steps Literacy books. by Department of Publisher Department of Education Western Australia.

First Steps Reading Developmental Continuum

Collection opensource. Language English. First Steps Literacy Educational Literacy books for Primary/Elementary students.

This series of books covers the methodology of teaching literacy and is separated into a focus on: 1) Reading 2). The reading process is complex and multi-dimensional.

Effective Adapted Fro m First Steps Reading Second Edition. 6 (Department of Education and Training in Western Australia,p) According to Mc Kenna & Stahl () the three key components of reading fluency are. Sections of the First Steps Reading Developmental Continuum have been reproduced with the permission of First Steps.

First Steps provides a framework for linking assessment with teaching and learning. It was researched and developed over five years by the Education Department of Western Australia. First Steps cover the four areas of. One in the 'First Steps' series developed by the Education Department of WA.

Provides a framework for linking assessment with teaching and learning. A developmental continuum has been prepared which identifies six phases in a child's writing development from pre-literacy to independence.

Key indicators which identify milestones in children's growth. Spelling Resource Book (First Steps) by Education Department of Western Australia, Education Department of Western Australia and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at

First steps reading and writing australia
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