Katie hopkins response to article essay

The Wall Street Journal. I know who is falling behind and who is clearly not interested in their work or study. Children are given names by their parents and therefore have no control of it, you claim that children with Victorian sounding names have smarter parents therefore smarter kids however even a child that has been brought up in a bad environment can flourish at a school where their education is valued.

I cannot understand why the parent of this child would think it was acceptable. Teen Curfew Safety Time Parents And that is the type of child I want my daughters to play with and to learn from.

That their whole lives are judged upon how they look.

Katie Hopkins Response to Article Essay

Plus I pay for them both to have a private tutor for 30 minutes each week. And, if a child has a name with a Latin or Greek derivation such as Ariadne or Helena, all the better.

Clever, ambitious children make the very best of friends. My girls are as frustrated with this continual tardiness as I am. From the moment they started school, I have kept an ear out for little snippets of information about their classmates.

Katie Hopkins Wrote This In The Sun About Migrants And Now Everyone Is Really Angry

Teachers mold these kids and prepare them to become a well-disciplined and well-behaved citizen of the country. She is clearly the type of child who is eager to learn, ambitious and wants to work hard in order to be rewarded with success.

For example, hearing that a child has finished their home learning book we used to call it homework and asked for another is music to my ears. Recently she asked for a Nintendo after she played on one during a class trip. When she was four she asked if she could have her ears pierced like a male classmate.

An Open Letter to Katie Hopkins

So I am acutely aware of the benefits of meeting children from like-minded, high-achieving families. So I work hard at targeting the right sort of friends for them. Of course they know that a grade school kid does not need to learn at early age some subjects like accounting, trigonometry or geophysics because those types of subjects are much more complex things that young minds would not understand whether these kids are normal kids or gifted, and this will only be justified by a licensed teacher.

A Response to John Gatto’s Article Essay

Conversely, children who chose less successful friends ended up not doing as well.'Charmaine is definitely not the sort of child I want my daughter associating with,' says Katie Hopkins, mother to (left to right) Poppy, seven, Max, four, and India, eight Home U.K.

On review of your article ‘’I won’t let my children play with friends that I deem beneath them that’s what caring mothers EduCheer! Free Samples and Examples of Essays, Homeworks and any Papers. In an article written by John Gatto, who is a very good teacher as proven by his numerous awards received, it seems that he is no longer an adherent of a curriculum of contemporary education.

It seems that he is a bit late in knowing that he, as a teacher, is a slave of this kind of system. You also made known in this interview your strong dislike of either “footballers’ names” or “geographical locations”. In light of this latter criterion, however, having a daughter called ‘India’ perhaps brings your own intelligence into question, doesn’t it Katie?

Or at least your ability to read a map. On review of your article ‘’I won’t let my children play with friends that I deem beneath them that’s what caring mothers do’: Apprentice star admits she targets playmates who are a good influence’ I was shocked to see that you judge children!

A response to Katie Hopkins’ recent outburst Posted by: Mohammad Clarke in Current Affairs, Europe, Middle East, Palestine, Politics, UK 13/11/ 9 Comments Yesterday Katie Hopkins let loose a barrage of Tweets which disseminated some of the most vulgar, ill-founded, openly abusive, and unprovoked commentary a public personality ever has.

Katie hopkins response to article essay
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