Legal drinking age should be raised

The Relationship between Binge Drinking and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Studies have also found correlations between a lower drinking age and the risk of binge drinking. Lowering the minimum legal purchase age was associated with an increase in road traffic accidents, and other harmsamong young people.

Public Health Benefits of Raising the Drinking Age to 21 Those who advocate for a higher drinking age cite a variety of reasons. Lyons works in the metropolitan St. Sharelines Would raising the legal drinking age help reduce alcohol-related harm in Australia?

While about half of Australians support increasing the drinking age, there is still much contention. Numerous scientists studying the effects of alcohol or drugs on teens and young adults have made Legal drinking age should be raised statement that physical maturity, especially of the brain and nervous system, does not occur until a person reaches John McCardell, former President of Middlebury College in Vermont, is a strong supporter of lowering the drinking age.

These are not necessarily the views of Addiction Hope, but an effort to offer discussion of various issues by different concerned individuals. He states that if this was done that it would increase the availability to alcohol of those at ages younger than He states that lowering the drinking age includes alcohol education, like driving education.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, please know that there is hope for you, and seek immediate professional help. Our programmes take place in a conveniently located, completely confidential outpatient setting, allowing clients to fit treatment in around their daily schedule.

But while there is strong evidence to support an increase in the legal drinking age, this is yet to translate to community support for such a change. Will raising the legal drinking age in Australia help to curtail binge drinking, developmental problems and alcohol-fuelled violence?

They also recommend transitioning to a zero blood-alcohol limit for all drivers in Australia and New Zealand. The study involved Finnish twins and found that alcohol-related problems experienced at age 18 correlated to a higher risk of alcoholism by At the age of 18, we are considered developed enough to do this.

This, in turn, might influence the ability of the child to reach their full educational capacity. Education and social responsibility would also include passing an exam to obtain a license to drink.

The debate might be characterised as one about evidence, community expectations and political risk.

Should the Legal Drinking Age be Raised to 25?

Studies from Harvard, Northwestern University, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee showed that young adults who had taken various amounts of marijuana, showed abnormalities such as cognitive decline, poor attention, and memory and decreased IQ for those that used at least 1x per week.

The evidence about the benefits of increasing the minimum legal purchase age is strong — it does reduce access to alcohol and reduces harm.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an alcohol addiction, contact us today to find out how we can help. The arguments for maintaining the status quo include: These include not serving alcohol to under 18s, not serving intoxicated patrons, and continuing to focus on random breath testing reduces rates of young drink drivers and the associated trauma.

According to many doctors and scientists, pushing the legal drinking age into the early 20s would help to curtail potential development problems in the brains of young drinkers. This study came from Harvard and Northwestern Universities. Furthermore, a study published in the journal Alcoholism: Changes in the minimum legal purchase age in the US also allowed careful analysis of two large samples.

The drinking age has been the topic of intermittent public discourse since it was unilaterally lowered to 18 in all states and territories in the s. According to the University of Minnesota who reviewed over 57 studies, found that older drinking ages were associated with lower crash rates. After all, when alcohol or drugs are used during pregnancy, the effects on a rapidly growing baby can be severe.

In the latest call, doctors from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians are suggesting that Australia adopt a new minimum purchase age for some types of alcohol and all types of takeaway alcohol. Anyone drinking alcohol, using medication they get from a doctor or illicit drugs they got off the street deserves to know what they are getting into.

Excessive drinking contributes to more than 4, deaths among people below the age of 21 each year in the United States and costs the economy 24 billion dollars annually. But this is a contentious proposition.I strongly believe that the drinking age should be raised to 21 as the age of 18 the brain is still developing.

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Alcohol causes permanent brain damage. "Raising the legal age will reduce not only youth alcohol problems but also other forms of drug use" says lead author Professor John Toumbourou of the Deakin University School of psychology. The drinking age should be raised to Underage drinking can be a serious problem.

The legal drinking age should be raise to 21 to prevent these problems. If the age is raise, people will be more mature when they start drinking, and they will be less likely to abuse or become addicted. Raising the legal age is a good idea.

Why Australia’s Legal Drinking Age is Currently 18 In the first half of the 20 th century, the drinking age in Australia depended upon local jurisdiction and ranged from 18 to However, during the Vietnam War, the age was reduced to 18 on the grounds that a person who could be conscripted to fight and die for their country should also have.

So should the legal drinking age be raised to 25, or lowered to 18? Given the science on the physical and neurodevelopment of individuals between the ages of there needs to be more informed conversation around legislation and. A group of Australian doctors and academics has called on the Commonwealth government today to raise the legal drinking age to 21, in order to reduce the harms associated with early heavy drinking.

According to one recent report, almost two-thirds (63%) of drinkers aged 18 to 24 years say they drink alcohol to get drunk and one third. Should the Legal Drinking Age be Raised to 25? In the last few years, new studies have shed light on the age that young people reach physical maturity and .

Legal drinking age should be raised
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