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The theory was that they would actually speak while they stalk you. A version of this article originally ran earlier this year prior to the release of Sister Location. This would have changed the gameplay strategy completely and made it even harder to keep the animatronics from attacking.

This is the biggest reveal of all: In fact, the animatronics in Sister Location may have never seen the light of day. We hoped the new game would give us some answers to the mysteries of the story established so far.

Games like Night Trap can be fun for their theatrical aspects, but FNaF is a very effective horror game filled with jump scares that could easily benefit from the ability to run away.

There are a few options to deviate from the path, but almost every independent choice made in the game leads to death.

The area in the trailer looked completely new and almost factory-like. An electronic voice tells you what to do each night and then Baby starts giving you directions closer to the end. As you progress through the game, you also hear the voice of Bidybab, Freddy and the Bonnie hand puppet.

The sterile and industrial conditions looked like they pointed to a type of research and development test center. Similar to miniature versions of the main characters, the Minireena robots are dancing and twirling versions of Ballora, and the Bidybabs are small bots that resemble Baby.

His dislikes include weak plotlines and sky lasers. Even gamers that had never even attempted to play the series were interested in the game. The scariest animatronic of them all is Ennard. The two figures in the control room look like they could have been toy versions of the other two.

The theory held that Sister Location may not be set in a pizza place at all. The main character in Sister Location was not named before its release.

He has been on the fan media scene since Of the eight animatronics in the game, almost all of them speak during the course of each night. This is just one example of how these new animatronics are terrifying.

Five Theories About ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location’

It was revealed that a total of seven characters would be in Sister Location. The end of the game also reveals the origin and identity of the Purple Guy. Freddy and Foxy both appeared to have speakers on their chests. A chance to actually run has been requested by fans for years. Sister Location takes place in Sister Location reveals that Baby was responsible.

The trailer made the game look intense, and the final product did not disappoint. The Animatronics Can Talk Theory: However, there was no way to know until you see the dates displayed during gameplay.

The new animatronics Baby and Ballora are the dominant antagonists of the game and Minireena and Bidybab are their counterparts.Game Theory: The Smartest Show in Gaming. Watch for your favorite video games, but walk away educated. Anything is fair game as real-world research tackles video game.


(This uses Game Theory's 'Final FNaF Theory' as a base, with FNaF 6 added) 's: William Afton (Purple Guy) Starts killing kids, with his 1st victim being Henry's daughter, who becomes the Puppet. -William kills ~10 more kids, but finds a new way to kill kids in the form of his new 'Funtime' animatronics.

I actually do really like Game Theory and MatPat, though a lot of this feels pretty old-hat, tbh. Maybe just because I've actually been closely following all the FNAF theory videos this time though, lol.

Apr 26,  · With the release of FNAF 3, Game Theory dives into the ENTIRE Five Nights at Freddy's trilogy to answer EVERY major question from these games. Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST. Sister Location is the newest game in the Five Night’s at Freddy’s series, and fans are chomping at the bit to know more about this mysterious and very scary title.

Following the. This was a very satisfying, and important, episode of Game Theory. There have been some points of contention in the community lately (especially since SL custom night) that have caused members to leave, theorists to quit, and frustrated emails to be sent.

Master thesis game theory fnaf
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