Maths coursework tasks

The two of us have considered whether we could potentially use some of the tasks in our own classrooms and across the department as a means of assessing students towards the end of Yearsas well as providing rich tasks to challenge our Year 10s.

Math Classes in Order

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We understand that it can be difficult to do it. It is for this reason that we are also considering how some of these investigations, or similar, could be used with our Year 7 to 9 groups; just to expose them to this kind of reasoning and investigation, to assess their ability to do so, or even both.

This is due to the fact that, regardless of their value in terms of external assessment, they still provide us with an opportunity to get students exploring, applying their understanding and organising their thinking.

I also believe that it is a skill that needs to be taught, with practice, and perhaps earlier than we tend to approach problems involving such algebraic manipulation. Most the tasks assigned to students on C3 give them a hard time, which compel some of them to hate mathematics.

However, the tasks have never completely disappeared, and can easily be found within the recommended resources from each of the exam boards. You should speak to me if you would like to attend an alternative workshop. The challenge is always on the Calculus 3.

The T-Total Mathematics Coursework Task.

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GCSE coursework tasks

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From this experience, and also in some of the lack of resilience we often come across in students, it became obvious that this is something that really needs to be developed in our students, not simply because it will allow them to breeze the proof questions on the GCSE paper.

The fact is that, mathematics is a significant subject, which no student should take for granted. At one point in time, you will need knowledge of your GCSE math t coursework to solve a problem.The T-Total Mathematics Coursework Task The Task Looking at the T-shape drawn on a 9 by 9 number grid below.

The total of the numbers inside the T-shape is 1+2+3+11+20=37 This is called the T-Total. The number at the bottom of the T-shape is called the T-Number. coursework is marked by the centre, or Option X, for which it is marked by AQA. Option X candidates must select from the AQA-set tasks listed below, whereas Option T candidates may select from the AQA-set task list or work on a task set by the AQA GCSE Mathematics coursework guide.

2 Teachers’ support materials All tasks are. Jun 19,  · Old GCSE Investigations. Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by You need a Head of Maths who keeps a copy of everything just in case it might be useful!

Like me. I'm in North-West Surrey and am happy for you to come in and take a photocopy of all the old coursework tasks - I'm not doing it for you!

Old GCSE Investigations

Send me a DM if you're interested. Coursework in Mathematics: MEI discussion paper page 1 Coursework in Mathematics A discussion paper October “GCSE coursework, excellent in principle, hasn't worked well in practice.

So school • An investigational task set in the context of number and algebra or shape, space. In this coursework, to find a formula from a set of numbers with different square sizes in opposite corners is the aim.

The discovery of the formula will help in finding solutions to the tasks ahead as well as patterns involving Opposite.

Aug 02,  · The GCSE coursework tasks certainly provide students with an opportunity to get to grips with the ideas of mathematical investigation.

Maths coursework tasks
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