Renaissance and baroque comparison essay

It explored more themes, such as philosophy, the human condition, and the mythology of the Greeks as Romans. His use of colors, dramatics, and intensity in the painting is illustrated from that of the Renaissance Era Dad Vinci, Art of the era had a greater focus on naturalism.

The middle ages were entirely ruled by the church. With the shift away from the church during the Renaissance, the art of the era became more secular. This started many artists of that time to use vivid colors and luxurious materials to evoke sensual delight Baroque.

The images of clothing looked more realistic, giving them the illusion of movement and fluidity.

Renaissance and Baroque comparison

The Madonna and many Catholic saints are portrayed in the art of that era, and it was often produced by members of the church, clergy, or monasteries.

Oil paints in brighter colors became more commonly used.

Baroque and Renaissance comparison essay

The move towards secularism bled into the art of this era. It refers to a cultural rebirth. Artists of the era portrayed gods such as Mars, the Roman odd of war, in ways similar to how he was portrayed by the ancient Romans.

Hire Writer Paintings began to use different lighting and incorporate shadows. Thus the paintings of the Renaissance era became far more realistic. The church commissioned nearly all of the art produced during the middle ages, which is the reason for the overwhelming theme of religion.

The study of perspective allowed for spaces to look more realistic as backgrounds, which was not something that was focused on during the middle ages. The Baroque period is said to have been generated at the end of the Renaissance era, which progressed to a dramatic and sophisticated form of art.

There are similarities and differences in both the Renaissance and Baroque periods and are both unique in different respects. Perspective was also introduced near the beginning of the Renaissance era, lending greater depth to paintings reduced in this era. In Baroque paintings, the touch was on the dramatic style and use to contrasting light and shadow for deep colors.

They used figures with more emotions. They were made realistic by an increased understanding of believable space and perspective. Classical mythology became a subject for many works.

Both paintings illustrate a young lady in almost identical poses with a slight grin on their face.

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Art in the Medieval era evolved into more realistic imagery. Art was patronized less by the church and ore by wealthy, independent investors who were usually royalty of some sort. The techniques of the Baroque art period united the techniques and advances used from the Renaissance along with the emotion, intensity and drama of the High Renaissance.

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Free Essay: The baroque and renaissance periods are two different periods. The renaissance period rolled into the baroque era. There were changes made over.

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Renaissance and baroque comparison. RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE COMPARISON 2 RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE COMPARISON 5 Running head: RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE COMPARISON 1 Renaissance and Baroque Comparison There are two eras in the history of Western Art that had many achievements from art to music and literature.

The period following the middle ages called the Renaissance. Baroque and Renaissance comparison essay. Art of the middle ages (which lasted from the 5th to the 13th century) was very religious in tone and content, especially in Europe.

While analyzing the features of renaissance vs. baroque, it is possible to distinguish both differences and similarities. It is better to start with the contrasting of the most prominent features.

As for the Renaissance stream, artists began implementing the application of oil paintings, aerial and linear perspective, chiaroscuro.

Renaissance and baroque comparison essay
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