Ride along with a police officer essay

I got to watch this guy taken at gunpoint laying in the street, had shotgun in the car, spent shell in his pocket, drunk off his rear. The threat of a suit, if not an actual complaint, was bankrupting some business and stymieing others.

He certainly took his precautions. Dan called out to the idiot smoker, who I hoped would try to eat the J or do something else absurd. The first stop was a nearby construction site where, sure enough, a few people were sleeping on some elevated construct.

Police Ride-Along Experience - Essay Example

It looked like a well-organized operation, all in all. Prior to joining the force Officer Dan was an army Ranger for seven years. But reading books about corruption?

Cal Anderson is a nice park in Cap Hill, and once the sun sets, is frequently used by the public for drug activity and, more commonly, a place to sleep by the homeless.

One got his Rock River AR out, they approach house and unscrew the porch light, nothing happening and we feared the worst for the wife at this point. We took a report of a stolen camera around Broadway and Pike.

A few times that night we found people with outstanding warrants in other jurisdictions. It did not take very long after the Officer and I had gotten situated inside the patrol car that there was a disturbance call. Yet again, when they got to talking, the popular subjects were days off, families, and fishing.

I hung out and scanned the area, but it was deserted. In The Simpsons episode " Separate Vocations ", Bart Simpson goes on a ride-along with Springfield police officers Eddie and Loufollowing an aptitude test which suggests that Bart is best suited as a police officer.

We left after everyone promised to try to act more civilly. Speeding through lights, aggressive passing, etc. We paid for that ourselves. I had plenty of good stories for them about idiotic drivers and shots fired, but the real value was another peek into the criminal justice system of Washington.

Touch-screen monitors, along with keyboards, internet access, full access to crime databases, DMV databases, and so on. Ride Along 6 Pages Words I could never imagine how a day in the life of a police officer would be so demanding.

Since little happened with the latter area, the majority of our time was to be spent with Cap Hill and the CD. If more civilians had experiences like this there would be greater trust towards beat cops and a much better understanding of what they do. I made it one of my goals that night to get Dan more sympathetic to criminal defense, or at least attorneys.

The young woman was just depressed about her situation, basically, but she and I talked for a while about getting through school and moving on when she turned So Dan cut him loose. Ina woman in Boise, Idaho was on a ride-along when she witnessed two police officers fatally shoot a suspect following a high-speed chase.

The woman was extremely angered and frustrated so she began to cuss out the landlord. I almost broke my leg on some invisible drop off, so that was something. What else did the technology let Dan do? Things began to wind down around 2am. Many times through the night Dan would meet with other cops to hang out or do some police work together.

At around 11pm, we met up with three more officers for a coffee break at the Starbucks on Olive Way. Dispatch was a bank of screens and officers in headsets directing police. Dan requested I stay in the car while he went to join the perimeter on the hunt for the person on foot. But, he liked staying busy on patrol.

What a way to start off the shift. I got out with everyone else and hunted around, but he was never found. Not all may be as competent as Dan, but this story shows what most of them are, professionals doing hard jobs for the public.Jun 24,  · I recently went for a ride-along with my cousin who is an officer near Sacramento.

It was a morning shift. I was asking him a lot of questions about how police procedures work and how they operate. A ride-along is an arrangement for a civilian to spend a shift in the passenger seat of an emergency vehicle, observing the work day of a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic.

Ride-alongs are offered by many police departments around the world. There is a minimum age to participate in a ride-along. Depending on the department, it is often. The professor gave us the opportunity to earn extra credit if we did a ride-along with the Seattle Police Department, and wrote an essay about the experience.

That essay, slightly edited, is below. Prior to joining the force Officer Dan was an army Ranger for seven years. He married his high school sweetheart where they live in Olympia. Ride Along.


6 Pages Words. I could never imagine how a day in the life of a police officer would be so demanding. My ride along experience with Austin Police Department ended up being exciting and intense at the same time.

CJ David Celeste Police Ride-Along-Narrative Essay My ride along experience was very informative. I learned a lot about the daily duties of a police officer, and some of the benefits of the job. Being a police officer is not as exciting as I thought it would be and requires a lot of paperwork.

I learned there is a lot more aspects to being a police officer %(11). This essay will describe author's experience of police ride along, and the incidents he faced.

The writer talks about the procedures what takes place in real police work and how do they differ from the textbook procedures that are explained in the classroom.

Ride along with a police officer essay
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