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In the play we find Gwendolen following the dictates of the fashions. With the name Earnest Jack went to town to meet his friend, Algernon.

The question of the nature of marriage appears for the first time in the opening dialogue between Algernon and his butler, Lane, and from this point on the subject never disappears for very long.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Here on Enotes you can read up on satire and how Wilde uses it as a literary device by going to The Importance of Being Earnest study guide and selecting "style". There are three women representatives of the upper class, and each has been portrayed in a satiri-cal manner.

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Jack, by contrast, speaks in the voice of the true romantic. A sad but necessary move from what is a beautiful and intimate theatre in order to increase capacity and improve facilities. For the next four years, while work takes place on a newer and larger venue at the Theatre Royal, the Library Theatre Company will continue to perform at The Lowry Quays Theatre and also put on some exciting site-specific shows in Manchester.

This line of rush for the earnest life made people compromise with anything. By making a mockery of the Victorian ideals, Wilde threw a satirical spotlight on the Victorian age as a whole.

If society were to depend on a man like Chausible, they would be in real trouble: Men make the political decisions for their families and were the breadwinners, whilst women worked around the house and took care of the children.

The comedy is made purposely to criticise the aristocratic. In the same and a similar way, Algernon took a false name earnest, and went to the village to earn the love of Cecily. Wilde is clearly sending a message to the au-dience at that time that women were completely reliant and dependant on men and even if they did wrong as long as they had money and power, would be accepted.

About this resource This English Literature essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. The love defined by the Victorian society was devoid of love. Underneath her simple image we find a woman with an interesting past:The idea of living in an earnest manner was the topmost ideals of the Victorian society.

Earnestness was held as the virtue sublime in the Victorian society. A Satire on. The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde uses satire to mock the trivial society of the Victorian Era.

By: Olivia Jessup Satire in The Importance of Being Earnest Text: Cecily: May I offer you some tea, Miss Fairfax? Gwendolen: [With elaborate politeness] Thank you. [Aside] Detestable girl! But I require tea! This free English Literature essay on Essay: The Importance of Being Earnest is perfect for English Literature students to use as an example.

'The Importance of Being Earnest' is a comedic play written by Oscar Wilde. The story is filled with satire and irony regarding the lives of people in Victorian society. In Oscar Wilde’s, The Importance of Being Earnest, satire is used to emphasize the triviality and absurdity of certain conventions within Victorian society.

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The play’s main characters epitomize Victorian high society; thus, the criticism that. The Importance of Being Earnest was the first and is also sadly, the last play to be performed in the basement of Manchester Central Library by The Library Theatre Company.

After 58 years in this spectacularly-housed library, the theatre is moving.

Satire in the importance of being earnest essay help
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