Some people believe that if childrens

And how they appear if parents believe that children should be free to choose what they want to do in their free time? We study hard and we feel tired, we want to relax instead of have purpose to do everything.

Now the society is culture of omnipotent talent, so I think we can study in the different thing. In China, the children have to study whole day.

You did not answer the topic question: We have to shorten the time our children spend with computers and TV. Indeed all children must study hard if they want their future bright. However, the extent to which children have to follow rules is a very sensitive issue.

Aug 24 They may start doing just the opposite of what is told them to do. There is no protest to their parents order. Children are considered the builders of a nation. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. They need to have their own mind, not just follow the adult.

Firstly, rules of behaviour create responsible and respectful children who in turn mature into respectful adults. They are not lured by peer pressure and refrain from acting on impulse. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. If the activities must be educational, most of the children will dislike it.

I totally agree with the saying: While I cogitate that this policy has some benefits, I believe that children should allow using their free time, and it has more advantages.

Sometimes we felt quite bored to follow this instruction. Then, we just study all the day. Do you agree or disagree? They usually doing anything very carefully because afraid of mistakes. Secondly, I think that our society needs talented people and educated teenagers.

In most of the cases parents and teachers set rules that are helpful and beneficial for the children. If the children just study all day, they will feel very tired. If their leisure activities also be educational, how bored their lives are.

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that children should obey rules or do what their parents

Like us, we are the secondary school students; we usually study at 1 a.Some people believe that children leisure activities must be educational; otherwise they are complete waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Essay topics: Some people believe that children leisure activities must be educational; otherwise they.

Jan 25,  · Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work.4/5(3). Aug 24,  · Topic: Some people believe that children can learn effectively by watching TV and they should be encouraged to watch TV at home and at school.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? The development of electric equipment is more and more popular today, most of them which seem to such a successful creativity is TV. That is not a. Sep 06,  · Writing Task 2- Children’s leisure should be educational.

September 6, · by englishcafe · in PCS (). Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational, otherwise they are a complete waste of time. Many people believe that parents are not as close to their children as they used to be.

Suggest some reasons why this could be true. (86) In some countries students who misbehave have to leave the school and are not allowed to continue their education. In other countries they can return to their studies after a suspension period.

Some people think that children should obey rules or do what their parents and teachers want them to do, but others think that children controlled too much cannot deal with problems well by themselves.

Some people believe that if childrens
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