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Hardy was very aware of the changing world in which he lived — and in the Wessex Tales it is a world that is presented to us with the great understanding and affection that he had for it.

How does Hardy interest and engage the reader of The Wessex Tales - Assignment Example

Hardy incorporates his many personal experiences and emotions within his tales, thus providing an overall original style of writing.

Whilst we always feel sympathetic for the less well off. In Victorian society, events such a Rhoda having a son outside of marriage would be highly frowned upon. The relationships of both of the couples are widely different to each other when Mrs Downe and Mrs Barnet are swept out to sea.

Farmer Darton is going to marry a young girl called Sally Hall, who is living with her mother. This factor of marriage for status and not love interests readers as it was common practice in the Victorian times, and although it was rarely admitted it was a factor which may have been involved in many readers lives.

Farmer Darton is happy to marry Sally, because he thinks that marrying someone who is less down the order in wealth than himself will mean that Sally will look up to him.

This can be compared with the relationship of Matthaus and Phyllis, even though the relationship did not work, we feel sympathy for the characters because we know their love was genuine. The Melancholy Hussar, shows the reader feeling sympathetic towards Phyllis and Matthaus, especially when Matthaus is caught whilst trying to Wessex tales essay The reader would thus feel compelled to read on as Gould does something taboo for Victorian times so people would want to see what the outcome was.

These taboo plot lines are what engage the Victorian public as Hardy was writing about something very taboo and controversial.

Thomas Hardy had a keen interest in the idea of chance and fate; he believed that a single small motion could have a catastrophic effect. Phyllis is a single woman and thinks her future is merely bleak while she is living with her father on a farm.

Wessex Tales

Wessex tales essay Mrs Barnet Wessex tales essay saved and resuscitated by her husband, but soon left him to live with a close friend and showed no feelings for him after Mr Barnet had saved her life. Victorian audiences enjoyed melodrama hence why Hardy incorporated so many unexpected plot twists in his stories.

The reader is again engaged and interested by this reference as it hints at a possible tragic event. Hardy mocks and degrades the social hierarchy and suggests that it causes a lot of unnecessary grief.

This technique is also shown in Fellow Townsmen, where Barnet disappears and does not return: This interests and engages the reader as they would want to find out what happens to Rhoda because she already has a son out of marriage, the reader would want to read on to find out if someone ever marries Rhoda or if the father of her son will ever return.

Using irony, coincidence, comedy and tragedy, devices that are so familiar to readers of his novels, Hardy could quite easily have spun out several of these brilliantly constructed stories into novels.

Firstly, the fact that Rhoda is a single parent and that the son has no father. In reality, Phyllis wanted a man to love, marry and be with for the rest of her life.

Fellow Townsmen also includes plot twists; this is particularly shown when Barnet receives a letter from Downe explaining that he and Lucy Savile are due to get married: This is particularly shown when the hangman states: This is opposite to what Humphrey Gould does.

Similarly In The Melancholy Hussar, mystery and suspense is created through cliffhangers. It was imperative for Hardy to maintain the right balance of scandal whilst ensuring the content was socially acceptable and did not offend readers.

Hardy gives all women throughout his tales a fully descriptive description which helps the reader understand what women were like in the 19th century. Farmer Lodge sonly after he had neglected Rhoda for the beautiful Gertrude as a good replacement.

Her character had immensely changed: Finally, because of the living description described for Rhoda: This would entice the reader to continue in order to find out the truth. In The Wessex Tales, Hardy creates many taboo plot lines. Throughout the tale, Thomas Hardy contrasts the differences between one relationship and another.

She had a withered arm, which made her unappealing. When a reader feels sympathetic towards a character, they feel emotively involved, and often feel obliged to read on. The relationships that are portrayed to be based on status or looks in these tales are very shallow, false and contain no real substance.

Hardy presents us with men making foolish and rash decisions in the pursuit of marriage, the women they reject so obviously superior.

Thomas Hardy creates many controversial plot lines to engage the reader; these plot lines are highly unpredictable and will therefore interest the reader more so. This quotation can lead to two possibilities; either that Lizzy is mentally ill or that she is trying to hide and cover something up.

These plot twists helped to interest and engage the reader as it showed the harsh reality of life. The reader is then involved in the story as they are eager to see what happens next. One of the many techniques that Hardy incorporates into his writing is cliffhangers.

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order now. Then Hardy continues the paragraph carries on and says” but the room looked snug and cheerful. The fire shone brightly, trembling on the bulging mouldings of the table-legs, playing with brass knobs and handles, and lurking in great.

Immediately download the Wessex Tales summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Wessex Tales. Free Essay: The Role Of Women in Thomas Hardy's Wessex Tales In this piece I will be showing the role of women in the 18th century around the time the.

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Explore Hardy’s portrayal of women in three of the stories studied. The Wessex tales was set in the nineteenth century; Thomas Hardy decided to write his stories and novels in the past, during the nineteenth century before he was born.

Free Essay: Wessex Tales This essay is about the times and the society of the 19th Century and how Thomas Hardy's characters were affected. The five stories.

Wessex tales

Hardy's native Dorset, especially his birthplace in Higher Bockhampton of Dorchester, the county town of Dorset, was the inspiration for his ancient Kingdom of Wessex, the setting for "The Withered Arm" and "The Three Strangers".

Hardy drew on scenes familiar to him in his childhood and incidents.

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