Write a report on nepal earthquake today

Write a report writing on Nepal earthquake 201

Houses, temples, public shelters collapsed. As of late afternoon today, international media and government sources report more than people dead in Nepal at least in Kathmandu51 in India Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and 17 in Tibet.

Most incidents occurred due to fear and without any knowledge. Due to this quake mostly children are affected. They need a proper education on this. The towns of Thimi and Bhaktapur took the brunt of the disaster severely damaging the housing facilities, roads network and various temples.

In Taplejung—where the earthquake caused extensive damage—the task of relief distribution and damage assessment started on Wednesday, beginning from Dokhu and Thechambu VDCs.

8M Earthquake in Nepal, Situation Report No. 1, 25 April 2015, 06:11 UTC

There was a heavy loss of lives and livestock. Mostly the school buildings, health post and police stations were damaged. The epicentre was between the border of Taplejung, eastern Nepal, and the Indian state of Sikkim. Since then, the population in Nepal has skyrocketed urban development, unplanned and construction practices have deteriorated.

Although very little information is available on this particular earthquake, there was heavy loss lives as well as many buildings including temples were either damaged or destroyed. This movement creates pressure within the Earth, which builds up and can only be released through earthquakes.

These earthquakes destroyed or damaged many buildings and temples.

Nepal earthquake

The government capability to control disasters and conduct rescue operations is inadequate. Electricity and phone services also remain halted in many districts in the region. There is the report of hundreds of injuries, many serious, and countless of houses and property damaged. The CNDRC also asked district-level committees to furnish the details of damages caused by the quake in three days.

To sum up, natural disasters are dangerous and disasters like earthquakes cannot be controlled and avoided. Meanwhile, the families rendered homeless by the quake have complained that the monetary assistance provided by the administration is not enough.

There is difficult for rescue because both the Sikkim and north-eastern part of Nepal are much undeveloped, hilly, mountainous areas where there is no facility of airport, easy transportation and is far from the cities areas with hard communication and the climate is also not good in that places.

One third of the total population of Kathmandu were killed including Abahya Mallathe King of Kathmandu valleynumerous buildings and temples of the valley were entirely destroyed while many of them were severely damaged, the magnitude of the earthquake is said to be around 7.

GeoHazards International, a US-based research group, has measured the likely death toll from a quake of 6. The tower of Dharahara was also severely damaged.

That is why JCYCN as a non-governmental, non-profit making organization wants to help at the places affected by earthquake. We should be careful and prepare ourselves mentally and physically.

Similarly, the British Embrassy, in a statement deeply regretted the deaths and injuries to others as a result of the collapse. The epicentre was about 80km North West of the capital Kathmandu. It has been very difficult to rescue and to provide relief packages for the victims. Such quakes have many chances to come in Nepal again.Sunday, 18th September Earthquake in Nepal and Sikkim Recently on 18th September,another earthquake came with a magnitude of Richter.

Nepal earthquake: Dozens die in new tremor near Everest

The epicentre was between the border of Taplejung, eastern Nepal, and. Today; Search; Search. Thousands of children affected by last month's earthquake in Nepal returned to schools on Sunday, a working day in the Himalayan nation, five weeks after the disaster.

Executive Summary. A powerful magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at UTC on 25 April The epicentre was about 80km North West of the capital Kathmandu. On April 25,a M earthquake struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu. On May 12, a second, M earthquake struck.

Aid groups and local nonprofits are mobilizing to provide support and emergency supplies to the people impacted by both earthquakes.

All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts in Nepal. Dozens die as a new earthquake of magnitude strikes Nepal, two weeks after a devastating tremor killed more than 8, as Simon Cox reports.

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Write a report on nepal earthquake today
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