Write apple ii disks pc

Speaking later, Osborne 1 designer Lee Felsenstein stated, "The difference between cassette and disk systems was the difference between hobbyist devices and a computer.

Depending on whether the next bit is a one or zero, you change write signal or not, then delay exactly 4 microseconds and repeat. CiderPress prevents you from making damage worse by treating such disks as "read only".

However, the external UniDisk 3. This caused three phases instead of one to be on at once, so that the head would be positioned in the inverse position of where I actually wanted it. When Apple sent an order into Shugart for more SAs, a Shugart engineer admitted that the disk drive manufacturer had been scamming Apple and that the SAs were actually reject SAs that failed to pass factory inspection.

This macro is only used twice in the read data loop and one other place in a callable function for every other purpose reading headers, trailers, etc.

It will not be able to denibblize until I move to the the AVR with more memory, but that may be sooner than expected. Find the file in Windows Explorer, right click on it, select Properties, and make sure the "Read only" box is unchecked.

Next step is to write retry and error handling code and retry a complete scan of that well used disk. Only two problems were found in this process. Other than that, it looks like putting together the format function will be the next task I take on.

Essentially these were both single half-height Disk II mechanisms inside an individual drive enclosure, just like the Disk IIc had been.

For a while, the only direct competitor in the microcomputer industry was the TRS Model Iwhich had used only standard FM storage for 85k.

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It was similar in appearance to the Disk IIc. Once this was corrected, head positioning is exactly as expected. Another approach is to create a new volume and copy all of the files over.

Copy a KB or 1.

How to covert some old Apple II (ala '86) to PC files?

With some modification both drives are interchangeable. The sector upgrade was introduced init modified only the software and the controller card firmware to use a more efficient GCR code called " 6 and 2 encoding ".

One freshly formatted disk is completely scanned in 15 to 20 seconds, without error On one well used disk about a half dozen checksum errors occur toward the inside.

How do I transfer disk images to physical disks on a real Apple II? If it says "damaged: If the CF card was previously formatted for Windows or a digital camera, it may still look like a valid volume, and Windows will assign a drive letter to it even though the card holds nothing but Apple II data.

ByApple switched to Alps drives for cost reasons. This is most common with "customized" DOS 3. I could always implement the more elegant integrated USB solution, as a phase two solution, later on.Modern PC to Disk ][ Interface So far this project is going much smoother than that difficult PS2 to Apple II keyboard interface I just completed.

Hope things continue this smoothly. 1/19/ - I debugged the write sector code this last weekend. I can now write sector data to pre formatted disks.

CiderPress FAQ. Some common questions and solutions. How do I transfer my Apple II disks to my PC? This isn't something that CiderPress currently helps with.

There are, however, a number of useful utilities, as well as sites with disk images. To be able to write to these disks with CiderPress, you need to expand them to their full size. Jun 26,  · So here's my question: does anyone here know how to read and write Apple II disks from Windows?

I've heard of it being done before, but I wanted to ask your opinion first. I have quite a few modern systems in. Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (ADTPro) transfers physical disks and disk images between Apple II-era computers and the modern world. It can even get your Apple running if you don't have any disks at all.

Aug 09,  · I have several old 5 1/4" disks containing some data files I would like to make available for usage on my PC. The files are from around and I believe were on an Apple II era machine.

The Disk II was designed specifically for use with the Apple II personal computer family to replace the slower cassette tape storage. These floppy drives cannot be used with any Macintosh without an Apple IIe Card as doing so will damage the drive or the controller.

Write apple ii disks pc
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